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Proposed 50mph Speed Limit - Merrylees Road

P663 LEICESTERSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL DISTRICT OF NORTH WEST LEICESTERSHIRE MERRYLEES ROAD, NEWBOLD VERDON & HEATH ROAD, BAGWORTH AND THORNTON, HINCKLEY & BOSWORTH PROPOSED REDUCTION TO SPEED LIMIT STATEMENT OF REASONSAs part of the Rural Roads 50mph Speed Limit Initiative, all County roads that are assigned the national speed limit have been reviewed to identify those with an accident rate higher than the national average. As a result of this review, Merrylees Road, Newbold Verdon and Heath Road, Bagworth and Thornton have been identified to have a total number of accidents above the national average.In order to increase general safety and reduce the accident rate, the County Council proposes to reduce the speed limit from 60mph to 50mph.

Posted: Fri, 08 Jan 2021 18:28 by Josie Flavell

Tags: Highways