Newbold Verdon Neighbourhood Plan

The Newbold Verdon Neighbourhood Plan has been produced by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group which is made up of Newbold Verdon Parish Council members and representatives from the local community. The Neighbourhood Plan contains a vision of the future of Newbold Verdon, objectives, aspirations and a set of planning policies

The Parish Council put the Submission Version of the Newbold Verdon Neighbourhood Plan into the safe hands of the local planning authority, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council. The Borough council undertook a Regulation 16 consultation for six weeks between January and March of this year and appointed an external independent Examiner to ensure the plan meets the statutory basic conditions and other relevant legal requirements expected of neighbourhood plans.

As there are a few matters which have arisen from this examination and due to Covid-19 delays, the Plan will not go to referendum until later this year and will not be 'Made' until May 2021.

Once is has been approved to 'Made' status, it will be a legally binding document to be used by HBBC to determine planning applications and guide planning decisions in the parish of Newbold Verdon. Please find attached all documentation pertaining to the Plan.

The Plan

Appendices and References