Newbold Verdon Parish Council

Serving the people of Newbold Verdon

Clerk: Josie Flavell
Sport's Pavilion, Alan's Way
Newbold Verdon, Leicester

Your Parish Councillors

Newbold Verdon Parish Council covers the Civil Parish of Newbold Verdon which resides in the borough of Hinckley and Bosworth.

There are 10 council members; 8 of which are elected members with the other two having been co-opted. Elections are held every 4 years with the most recent elections having been held in May 2019.

Please select a council member from the below for their contact details and to learn more about them.

Also below, is a table highlighting each council member's area of responsibility.

Council Member

Area of Responsibility

Cllr Dianne Finney (Chairman)

Montague Trust
Newbold Verdon Library Committee
Resources Committee
Green Space Committee
Planning Committee
Staffing Committee

Cllr John Finney

Tree Warden

Cllr Bill Crooks

Planning Committee

Cllr Joyce Crooks

Green Space Committee
Resources Committee
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Cllr Heather Davison

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Resources Committee

Cllr Mark Sheppard-Bools

Green Space Committee

Cllr Clem Petcher

Planning Committee
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Cllr John Dowell


Cllr Martyn Oliver

Internal Control Councillor

Cllr Martin Bates


Register of Council Members Interests

All council members have to declared their interests upon taking office. Please click on the below document to review each members interests. These can also be found on the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council' website.

  • Untitled

    Register of Declared Interests 2020.

Members Code of Conduct

All council members need to adbide by a Code of Conduct, which is attached for your review.

Further information concerning the conduct and role of a Parish Councillor can also be found in the attached documents:

  • The Good Councillors Guide
  • It Takes All Sorts
  • The Councillors Guide to Finance

Your other Local Elected Representatives

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council

Cllr Maureen Cook
Tel: 07973 444741

Leicestershire County Council

Member of Parliament


Dr Luke Evans MP
House of Commons

Tel: 0207 219 3000