Newbold Verdon Neighbourhood Plan 

End of the Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission Consultation Period   Thank you to those of you who offered your opinions on the pre-consultation neighbourhood plan that was shared with the community for six weeks, ending at mid-night on the 8th July 2018.  All submissions will now be considered and responded to prior to the plan then being submitted to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council for their consideration. They in turn will, for a further six-week consultation period, ask the public for any further responses to the neighbourhood plan before an independent examiner is appointed by the council.   The role of the examiner is to test the plan for conformity with local, national and EU policies. Once the examiner has reported and made recommendations, the plan will be subject to a referendum of all on the electoral register locally. 

Pre-submission Neighbourhood Plan 
If during the Consultation Period from 28th May 2018 to 8th July 2018 you wish to comment on the Pre-submission Neighourhood Plan you can download the following form. It includes options to return your completed form by drop-off of a printed copy, by post or by email. 
Appendices and Supporting Documents 
Appendix 1 - Basic Condition Statement (only with submission version) 
Appendix 2 - Consultation Statement (only with submission version) 
References: Community Facilities, Transport and Economic Development 
This section contains the reports and surveys referred to on page 78 of the Neighbourhood Plan.  
Community Facilities (CF) 
CF10: See CF3 
Transport (T) 
T4: Interview with Co-Op Manager - See ED9, Local Business Survey 
Economic Development (ED) 
ED3: Early Engagement Report (see CF3) 
Sustainable Site Assessments (SSA) - see page 16 of the Neighbourhood Plan 
The following are the criteria used to assess the sustainability of potential residentual development sites offered (by landowners) within the Parish. 
They show the assessment criteria as Red/Amber/Green (RAG). 
The table lists the 11 sites with their respective individual assessments. 
SSA Site 7 (withdrawn at request of landowners) 
Documents below are not part of the Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan 

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